Premier Welcomes Foreign Expertise--the 412th Issue --- China Intellectual Property

Premier Welcomes Foreign Expertise--the 412th Issue

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·IP Education Thrives among Children
In recent years, the Chinese government has encouraged IP education. In 2015, the National Intellectual Property Administration....More
·Singapore Raises Multilateralism and Partnerships as Critical Success Factors at UN WIPO General Assembly
"Singapore renewed its commitment to multilateralism, and being a trusted and neutral partner to various stakeholders in the innovation and IP communities at the 59th World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) General Assembly (GA) in Geneva...More
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Inevitable Substitution of Audiovisual Works for Video Products

Origin of video products a hidden problem left from enactment of the law The Copyright Law of 1991 distinguishes between video recording works and video products. The former is listed as a type of works along with movie and television works; 1 whereas video product is provided in the chapter of neighboring rights.........More

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A week’s News,... More

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