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the 51st Issue:Rating agency could break foreign firms' oligopoly

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China IP Newsletter   Issue 51 Forward       Subscription    July. 15th, 2010

·Expert: IP research often missing in overseas prep
Domestic companies interested in international markets should place more emphasis on due diligence before embarking on their overseas venture, said Li Yong, general manager of China Patent Agent (CPA) HK Ltd. Gathering information and analyzing data as part of preparations is crucial to success in gaining a foreign foothold, he said.More

·Rating agency could break foreign firms' oligopoly
China's Dagong Global Credit Rating became the first non-Western rating agency to assess sovereign credit risks countries around the world. This move is aimed at removing the reliance on foreign agencies, some of which played a role in exacerbating the financial crisis.

·Avatar plagiarism case heading to court
BEIJING - A plagiarism case against Hollywood director James Cameron has been accepted by a Beijing court, setting up a confrontation between the movie mogul and an amateur Beijing writer. "I was told to go to court next Monday to provide more material," writer Zhou Shaomou told China Daily on Friday.More

·Online shoe-seller sues Google
BEIJING: A local court in the city will hear a case on Thursday in which an online shoe-seller is suing Google for damaging its reputation. Beijing Letao Culture Development Co Ltd, which runs, accuses Google of unfair competition and violating advertisement laws, through ads on and


Beijing: top rank in government aid for international applicants
·China Copyright Disputes Threaten E-Book Industry
·Copyright protection forums to be held in HK in August
·China gives whisky legal protection
·Chongqing IPO to promote development of minisize enterprises
·23 Beijing time-honored brands register international trademarks
·National conference on patent statistics held
·CSPC listed as national trademark strategy execution demonstration enterprise

China IP Articles

·Beijing Automobile Speeds up Brand Development by M&A  Issue 36 By Doris Li, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]
Uproar arose in the Detroit Motor City at a Chinese private company’s proposed purchase of Hummer. However in China, overseas M&A became increasingly popular and domestic auto makers are eager to join in the competition. Since GM, Chrysler and Ford were trapped in financial trouble, Opel, Hummer, Volvo, Saab, etc. started to seek buyers. The Chinese auto companies made deals so frequently that it is bound to “shake up” the global automotive industry!More

·Chinese Enterprises March in Overseas M&A Issue 36 Planned by Doris Li, Kevin Nie, Sara Yan, Zhou Yi and Li Wei, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]
In 2009, the global investment by multinational corporations declined and the financial crisis still persisted, while the Chinese enterprises accelerated the pace of global operations. Both state-owned enterprises and private sectors tried their best to grasp this opportunity and “brave the wind and waves”. By the end of 2009, the news of overseas investment and merger by Chinese enterprises kept coming.More

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