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the 53rd Issue:2nd Pharma and Biotech Patent Conference 2010 News Release

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China IP Newsletter   Issue 53 Forward       Subscription    August.12nd, 2010
IP Focus
·2nd Pharma and Biotech Patent Conference 2010 News Release
How to avoid risks in IPR protection and improve awareness as well as innovation ability? ---Find out by attending the 2nd Pharma and Biotech Patent Conference 2010! China is ready to move to the next stage of its economic evolution, as an innovation and knowledge based economy.More

·“Cowherd and Weaver Girl” Elected as National Intangible Culture Heritage
The “Cowherd and Weaver Girl” project, launched by Doumen Street, Changan District of Xi’an City was a success and they received a listing in the third directory of the National Intangible Culture Heritage issued by the Ministry of Culture.More

·The First Case of Input Software: Both Tencent and Sohu Compensate 20,000 
On June 22 “the first case of input software in China” came to a temporary end: both Tencent and Sohu were charged with unfair competition. The first decision was pronounced by Beijing’s No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court in which Sohu’s Sogou Company lost and was ordered to compensate Tencent 240,000 Yuan.More

IP Local
·Google China Launched New Service Architecture: Two-domain Names Provide Service
·Wuhan Duck Neck Won the “Jingwu” Trademark Dispute
Anhui Huaibei established platform for patent implementation
·Xinjiang makes great strides in patent applications

IP International

China IP Articles

·Time-honored Brands Gain Riches as Time Goes By Issue 37 By Doris Li, China IP[Patent]
On March 31, 2008, China released the Opinions on Protecting and Promoting the Development of Time-honored Brands (the Opinions) to implementing the spirit of the Party’s 17th National Congress with respect to facilitating the nourishment of China’s international famous brands and strengthening the excavation and conservation of national cultures, guiding time-honored enterprises which possess independent intellectual property (IP) and inherit traditional Chinese cultures and arts to accelerate innovation and development.More

·Ups and Downs of China’s Old Brands
Issue 37 By Doris Li, China IP[Trademark]
For China’s time-honored brands, nothing is more valuable than their goodwill. Brand founders ever regarded facia boards as their lifelines. Now, brands and the carefully built reputation passed down through generations have become the most precious fortune for the businesses.Time-honored brands show more promises of becoming world famous Chinese brands, because they represent the continuation of Chinese culture, the distillation of centuries of commercial and handicraft competitions, and the market leadership which has gone through arduous struggles and hard work.More

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