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the 61st Issue: China Welcomes More Cyber Investment

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China IP Newsletter   Issue 61 Forward       Subscription    Nov. 25th, 2010

·China Welcomes More Cyber Investment
China will promote the opening up of cyberspace and welcome foreign firms as long as they abide by Chinese laws and respect traditional Chinese culture, said State Council Information Office Minister Wang Chen on Monday.More

·Respect Differences in Standardization
China's approach to innovation and standardization hardly played a role in international economic diplomacy until a few years ago. With China's economic power on the rise, that assessment has changed dramatically. Today, Beijing's innovation policy and its perceived threat to Washington's innovation and competitiveness are a hot topic in US-China economic relations.

·Internet Offers Netizens a New Voice
The Internet has become an increasingly important platform for the Chinese to express opinions on government policies and social issues, a senior Internet regulator has said. "You can compare China with Western countries.

·'Super Dan' Completes Career Grand Slam
First he ripped off his shirt. Then he made a military salute to the audience. Then he took off his shoes and threw them into the crowd at the packed Tianhe Stadium. Lin Dan of China finished off a mouth-watering showdown with archrival Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia with an emotional celebration.


·Copyright Expo Puts Spotlight on Cooperation
·Court session opened for iphone design dispute
·Cybersquatting Swarovski triggered trademark infringement lawsuit 
·Newland release the world's first two-dimensional decoder chip
·MIIT, Intel jointly promote corporate IP management training
·"Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" encounters lawsuit
·PwC: China's semiconductor market becomes global leader

·Peking Opera declares for intangible cultural heritage
·Apple, Motorola declare patent war
·How Not to Win Friends and Influence People
·Ms. Frances Moore speech at the 2010 International Copyright Forum
·WIPO: Innovation Also Needed in Legal Systems
·Respect Differences in Standardization
·China to Fight Unlawful Copying of Famous Brands

China IP Articles

·Shanzhai Gets Lost in E-book Market Issue 38 By Anne Zhang, China IP,[Copyright] 
This time shanzhai1 hesitated when confronted by the huge success of e-books. Shenzhen has seen many intensive e-book related exhibitions and forums, and this is much like the time when Netbook was launched. At the beginning of 2008, when Netbook hit the market, a number of exhibitions and forums about Netbook were held in Shenzhen.More

·Establish the Authentication Mechanism of Digital Copyright Issue 38 By  Kevin Nie, China IP,[Copyright] 
After years of market practices the once confused e-book industry has gradually cleared. The fight for hardware has evolved into one for content. The belief that, “To e-book, content is the core while copyright is the key” has been widely accepted by insiders.“Presently, most Chinese e-book producers lack content because of the copyright bottleneck. More

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