the 67th Issue: New China Daily website sharpens the focus on IP --- China Intellectual Property

the 67th Issue: New China Daily website sharpens the focus on IP

China IP Weekly   Issue 67 Forward       Subscription    Jan. 27th, 2011

·New China Daily website sharpens the focus on IP
In addition to the print edition, China Daily readers now have another source for intensive coverage of intellectual property (IP) on the newspaper's website at Officially launched on Jan 18, the site is co-sponsored by China IP Magazine.More

Achieved Results of China's IPR Protection Work
Intellectual property rights protection is one of the biggest topics of concern in the world, because of the huge economic implications. China's State Intellectual Property Office has been taking special action on IPR protection since last November. CCTV reporter, Li Wanmei, takes a look at the results which have been achieved during the past few months.More

·Nation passes 1 million mark in yearly patent applications
It took a decade and a half from 1985 to 2000 for China to register its first million patent applications, a figure it easily surpassed last year alone when 1.22 million applications were filed, according to the latest statistics released by the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO).

·Huawei seeks IP assurances
·Lack of IPR enforcement key concern
·China improves efforts against IPR infringements, better investment climate for foreigners
·The Notice of the Cracking down on the Piracy of New Year’s Films
·Games Listed as the Key Project with Independent IP
China's IP System Deepens IPR Protection Campaigns
·General Administration of Customs verified 3,020 filings of intellectual property rights in 2010
A working conference on intellectual property protection held in Shandong
·Shaanxi fiercely fights against intellectual property violations
·China destroys fake goods, shows resolve to protect intellectual property rights

·Trademark Infringement in Connection with Parallel Importation Issue 39, By Huang Hui and Huang Yibiao, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]
Parallel importation involving intellectual property rights and the doctrine of exhaustion have evoked different theories from which no consensus has been achieved in national legislatures worldwide. Meanwhile, the issue has been dodged in various international treaties, for example, the TRIPs Agreement provides in Article 6 that “ nothing in this Agreement shall be used to address the issue of the exhaustion of intellectual property rights.”

·Practices and Controversies of Trademark Parallel Import in China Issue 39, By Kevin Nie, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]
Parallel importation of trademarks has always been a hot and thorny issue in the fields of IP and the international trade and is hotly debated internationally. Because occurrences of parallel importation emerged relatively late in China, the majority of the general public has never heard of this concept, and even within the industry quite a number of people cannot tell clearly what on earth parallel importation is. At present China’s Trademark Law, implementing regulations and other relevant laws don’t have explicit provisions on parallel importation, leaving statutory blanks in this regard.More

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