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the 75th Issue: China Unicom launches WoPhone smartphone platform

China IP Weekly   Issue 75 Forward       Subscription    April., 7th, 2011

·China Unicom launches WoPhone smartphone platform
In an attempt to compete with Google's Android, China Unicom introduced WoPhone, its first independently-developed smartphone operating system platform, on March 1. The ceremony was held in Beijing yesterday, and the first WoPhone is expected to hit the market within less than a month.

·War of the words over online piracy
 Writers face uphill struggle to prove copyright infringement, report Qiu Bo, Duan Yan and Li Li in Beijing. Huang Shan mechanically switches on a palm-size gadget as the subway train's door shuts. Ghost Fighter, Chapter Two. Another 40-minute journey to work, and a horror story is the best way to kill time.

·Baidu fails to satisfy writers over copyrights
Baidu, the largest Chinese-language search engine, has failed to satisfy Chinese writers by deleting digital files that infringe on copyrights from its online library. Meanwhile, musicians in the country are getting organized to challenge Baidu over its alleged failure to protect copyrights. More

·The 2nd China Patent Counsel Conference 2011
·China's domestic applications for invention patents up 28 pct in 2010
·Top prize for electronic book reader
·Ericsson to sue ZTE over patent breaches: Report
·Google to bid for Nortel patents
·China clarifies rules on Internet distribution of publications
·China arrests 3,170 suspects over IPR infringement
New mechanism aids commercialization of research
·U.S. movie streaming Zediva sued for copyright violation
·Police capture fake Apple gang
·Beijing: Sino-UK forum on digital challenges
·Shanghai: Ten biggest copyright cases

·Copyright, Ads, and Sensational Headlines Issue 40, By Yuan Zhenfu,[Copyright]
As a business mode, "content for traffic and traffic for ads" has become fairly commonplace. For example, online videos are free; nevertheless you have to wade through several advertisements. Even those who pirate software understand the approach: revised software as Tomato Garden Windows and Coral QQ are bundled with commercials. More

·Increase Group Apply IP Management to Innovation— An Interview with Zhang Yongli, the Deputy General Manager of Beijing Incre Issue 40, By Kevin Nie, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]
Increase is a high-tech pharmaceutical conglomerate featuring research and development, production and sales and is headquartered in Beijing’s Zhongguancun Science Park. Under the banner of Increase, the company has three subdivisions; Beijing Increase Institute of Biological Products, Beijing Increase Medical Technology Co., Ltd.and Increase Pharmaceutical (Yingkou) Co.,Ltd. More

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