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the 77th Issue: Tianjin watchmaker sets record straight in Switzerland

China IP Weekly   Issue 77 Forward       Subscription    April., 21st, 2011

· Counterfeit products hit by raids
Operation 'Bright Sword' drives thousands of fakers out of business. BEIJING - Chinese police have seized 14,185 suspects in the past five months in an ongoing campaign to halt the production and sale of counterfeit goods, including software, wine, drugs and suitcases bearing the names of global luxury brands. More

· Tianjin watchmaker sets record straight in Switzerland
In just 48 hours, the Chinese watch company Tianjin Sea-Gull Corp prevailed in an intellectual property dispute last month in Basel, Switzerland, where it was taking part in an annual international watch and jewelry fair. More

· SIPO released 2010 Annual Report on China's Valid Invention Patents
Domestic applicants have contributed 45.7% of China's valid invention patents by the end of 2010, with the percentage increasing from 33.3% in 2006, released by "2010 Annual Report on China's Valid Invention Patents" (hereinafter referred to as the Report) recently issued by the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO). More

· The 2nd China Patent Counsel Conference 2011
· Traditional Chinese Medicine Enterprises Facing Hard-to- Break-through Difficulties
· China Publishes New Law on Intangible Heritages
· IP Protection Enhancement Conference
· Release Conference and Trade Fair on Major Technological Achievements during 11th FYP Period
Nationwide Counter-infringer Action Continues until June
· Business success in China
· EPO delegation visited Shanghai IP Office
SIPO Deputy Commissioner Led a Delegation to Cambodia
· MOFCOM, SAIC investigate infringement of online stores
· Beijing uncovered IP cases involving 187 million yuan in five months
Beijing: Authority for online sites defined
· Guangdong: Shenzhen park No 1 nationwide
· The Outline of Wuhan Intellectual Property Strategy (2011-2020) Issued
· Shenzhen is Expected to Become Pilot City in IPR and Standardization in 2015
· Jiangsu establishes 500 IP demonstration enterprises in 2011

· Will Policies Help TCM Break through Its Bottleneck? Issue 40, By  Doris Li, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]
On September 8 and 9, the 2010 International (Bozhou) Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Expo themed “Healthy/Development/Innovation/ Win-win” was held in the Bozhou Convention Center in Anhui Province. The expo attracted more than 400 medical enterprises. On September 12, the first National Forum on TCM Development was held in Guangzhou province. More

· Interpreting the Expo 2010 Shanghai from the Perspective of IPR Protection — A Dialogue with Lv Guoqiang Issue 40, By Doris Li, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports] 
During the 2010 Shanghai Expo, the State Intellectual Property Office led the National Copyright Administration of the PRC and other six units to form a special inspection team to research IPR protection during the Expo. The squad arrived in Shanghai to investigate IPR protection at the Expo Campus, and subsequently held a forum. More

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