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the 91st Issue:Angry Birds maker Rovio sued over app patents

China IP Weekly   Issue 91 Forward       Subscription    July. 28th, 2011

· Prescription drug costs to drop as patents expire
BEIJING, July 26 (Xinhuanet) -- Seven of the 20 top selling American prescription drugs will lose their patents by the end of next year, making way for less expensive generic versions, according to media reports.

·Angry Birds maker Rovio sued over app patents
Lodsys has said that Rovio and other developers violated its patents with games on Apple's iOS platform and Google's Android. More

· Officials close 2 of 5 fake Apple stores
KUNMING - Officials looking into the illegal sale of Apple gadgets say they are waiting for the electronics company to respond before they decide whether to close three more possibly unlicensed stores. 

· 21 export licenses revoked
· $15 million in pirate goods
· EBay Suffers Setback on Trademark Infringement
I.Disputes over Baidu Library
Baidu Library is an open platform for netizens to share files on line. Registered users of this platform may choose to read on line or download virtually unimaginable resources in almost every field: from school texts, exercises, test paper banks, academic theses, professional documents, official documents, to fictions. More 
The same-day trademark applications refers to separate applications filed by two or more trademark applicants on the same day for registration of the same or similar trademarks on the same or similar goods before the Trademark Office.  More

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