the 92nd Issue:Lucas loses Star Wars copyright case at Supreme Court --- China Intellectual Property

the 92nd Issue:Lucas loses Star Wars copyright case at Supreme Court

China IP Weekly   Issue 92 Forward       Subscription    August. 4th, 2011

· Yahoo and Alibaba reach on Alipay payment service
On Tuesday, Yahoo said Alibaba - in which Yahoo owns a stake - had spun off its online payment service Alipay without informing it.

·Lucas loses Star Wars copyright case at Supreme Court
For a man who has spent half a decade and almost £700,000 fighting the full force of a movie mogul's legal team, Andrew Ainsworth has refused to be weighed down.  More

· Baidu to boost support for Qiyi
BEIJING - Baidu Inc, China's biggest search engine, will deepen investment in its online video arm Inc, in a move to fuel future growth outside its core search business.

· Patent row halts Samsung Galaxy launch in Australia
· Legal change for personal CD ripping
· China police raid over 13,000 dens for IPR violations
The investment to build intellectual property (IP) can amount easily to triple-digit million Euros. Accordingly companies (inventing company) usually do not finance such an investment on their own. In cases the volume of credit has been exhausted with one financial intuition it makes sense to look for a financial vehicle that can be supported by a consortium of institutions and investors (e.g. banks, leasing companies and venture capital enterprises).  More 

·Awareness Raising Should Be a More Continuous Effort Issue 43, Kevin Nie & Sarah Luo,[Patent]
The European Chamber serves European enterprises as their representative by mainly providing communication and lobbying channels for political and business circles in both Europe and China. It keeps close attention and reports on China’s market environment and monitors China’s compliance with the World Trade Organization (WTO) and other international commitments which have an impact on doing business in China.  More

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