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the 94th Issue:Vice Minister of Commerce:Fiercely combat intellectual property infringement

China IP Weekly   Issue 94 Forward       Subscription    August. 18th, 2011

· Vice Minister of Commerce:Fiercely combat intellectual property infringement
When interviewed by on August 12, Vice Minister of Commerce Jiang Zengwei illustrated in detail the nationwide crackdown on intellectual property infringement and production and sales of counterfeit or shoddy commodities ...

·Video websites get in on the action
BEIJING - With the rapid development of the Internet and the rising cost of copyright payment for TV dramas and films, video websites in China have started to make their own content and cultivate their own stars...  More

· Software legalization campaign achieving interim progress
The software industry in China generated 1.3 trillion yuan in output last year due to the government's ongoing efforts in combating piracy and promoting authorized software, according to information released by the National Copyright Administration (NCA) ...More

· Inner Mongolia reviewed its patent status quo
· Shanghai Pharma eyes major overseas acquisition
· 'Fake' cigarettes seized in Gloucestershire raids
The Patent Examination Guide stipulates clearly the definition and selection of the analogous art, analogous art means a technical solution in the existing technology that is the most pertinent to the claimed invention...  More 
· Suggestions on Copyright Law Amendment  Issue 44, By Jiang Zhipei,[Copyright]
The current Copyright Law came into force as of June 1, 1991. It underwent one minor amendment in October 2001 before China entered the WTO, and a second amendment was made to a specific article under the pressures from outside parties...  More 

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