the 105th Issue: China Inspires Emerging Strategic Industries Venturing Abroad --- China Intellectual Property

the 105th Issue: China Inspires Emerging Strategic Industries Venturing Abroad

China IP Weekly   Issue 105 Forward       Subscription    November. 10th, 2011

The IP online transaction and auction platform developed by Changsha Technology Property Right Exchange and China Technology Exchange officially opened on November 6... More

·China Inspires Emerging Strategic Industries Venturing Abroad

China plans to improve development of strategic emerging industries, according to a guiding opinion jointly released by 10 ministries including the National Development and Reform Commission, State Administration for Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine and State Intellectual Property Office...  More

· High-Tech Park SMEs: IP-backed Loans Filling Finance Void

Though the Zhongguancun national innovation park has heavy support from the central government, its 17,000 smaller tech companies often still need significant financing to turn their concepts into reality...More

· China Solves 28,000 IPR Violation Cases

· Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property Laws Need Reform (Canada)
· Trade Mission of US Export-Import Bank Seeks New Opportunities of Export for American Companies

A few days ago, Diageo Brands B.V. (“Diageo”) and Diageo (Shanghai) Overseas Wines Co., Ltd. (“Diageo Shanghai”) v. Xiao Shaoli, Changzhou Bishuang Bio- Tech Co., Ltd. (“Bishuang ”) and Wuxi Yongru Bio- Cosmetic Products Co., Ltd...  More 
·Collective Marks: Lingering between a Warm Welcome and a Cold Welcome  Issue 45, By Kevin Nie, China IP,[Trademark]
Recently, the news regarding a high-profile fight over the sale and consumption of a counterfeit version of a popular snack, called the “Shaxian Snacks” or “Sha County Snacks,” in Wuxi, Jangsu Province, has raised concerns from various circles in China for the issue of collective marks... More 

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