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the 106th Issue:China may become world's biggest patent filer

China IP Weekly   Issue 106 Forward       Subscription    November. 17th, 2011

BEIJING - China's patent filings have increased rapidly in recent years and the country is expected to become the world's largest filer of patents in 2011, according to a report released on Wednesday by Thomson Reuters in Beijing... More

·Amazon Settles With Discovery Over E-Reader Patent

Amazon made sure Discovery won’t ruin its hopes for the best Christmas ever by settling a lawsuit that accused the Kindle and Kindle 2 of infringing security and copy protection technology...  More

· China's R&D Investment 2nd in the World: Report

GENEVA - China has overtaken Japan to become the world's second biggest spender on industrial research and development (R&D), trailing only the United States, a report by the United Nations (UN) said on Monday...More

· China to Make Unending Efforts to Protect IPR: Vice Premier

· Google, Facebook, Zynga Oppose New SOPA Copyright Bill
· Microsoft Still Trying to Patent Windows Vista's ReadyBoost

The State Council’s Legislative Affairs Office recently released a further draft of the proposed amendments to the PRC Trademark Law (the “draft”). A deadline of 8 October 2011 has been set for the public to comment on the draft...  More 
Article 26 of Patent Law, para.4 provides: Patent claims must be supported by the written description, pointing out in clear and concise terms the subject matter sought to be patented. Article 59, para. 1 provides... More 

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