the 112nd Issue: Official: Patent licensing grows with innovation --- China Intellectual Property

the 112nd Issue: Official: Patent licensing grows with innovation

China IP Weekly   Issue 112 Forward       Subscription    December, 29th, 2011

· Apple May Hurt Shareholders With Patent War

Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple (AAPL) Inc., told his biographer that he’d rather wage “thermonuclear war” with Google Inc, ... More

·Official: Patent licensing grows with innovation

Number soars to 10,000 from just 118 agreements ...  More

·RIM faces legal action over ‘BBM’ trademark

Research In Motion, still smarting over having to change the name of its yet-to-come operating system, faces a similar trademark challenge...   More

In recent years, the market of calligraphy and painting art works has become increasingly prosperous. As the saying goes, people pursue “gold in times of trouble and art collection when times are flourishing.”...  More 
·Artron: Leading the Art Service Industry with Distinguished Innovative Ideas   By Kevin Nie, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]
In the unprecedented intense competition of today’s cultural industry, Artron combines 1) its unique business mode of “traditional printing + modern IT technology + culture and art” ... More  

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