the 117th Issue:Premier: Clean Technology a Priority for Sino-German Cooperation --- China Intellectual Property

the 117th Issue:Premier: Clean Technology a Priority for Sino-German Cooperation

China IP Weekly   Issue 117    February, 9th, 2012
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said Friday that energy conservation and environmental protection will be a key area for the future of Sino-German cooperation... More
A large number of NGOs spread across the world have demand to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to postpone the forthcoming IP Summit in South Africa in April this year as the event is lacking development and public interest dimension...More
In an unusual move, global mobile phone maker Nokia is facing an allegation that it violates the intellectual property protection...More
·Copyright Chaos in Book Industry   Issue 46, By Anne Zhang, China IP,[Copyright]
Just before the 2010 Chinese Lunar New Year, news came out that the Chinese copyright to One Hundred Years of Solitude was officially authorized for the first time...More
·Impact of “Commercial Success of Inventions” upon Judgment of Inventive Step   Issue 46, By Zhang Peng, Examiner at Patent Reexamination Board of SIPO,[Patent]
The Guidelines for Patent Examination stipulates in Part 2, Chapter 4 that the baseline of determining the inventive step is the “Tripartite” approach, in which factors such as “commercial success” may be secondary considerations in forming that determination...More

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