the 118th Issue: iPad trademark dispute heats up, provokes debate --- China Intellectual Property

the 118th Issue: iPad trademark dispute heats up, provokes debate

China IP Weekly   Issue 118    February, 16th, 2012
The impact of a legal dispute over the use of the trademark "iPad" has spread to more Chinese cities, prompting stores to remove the popular Apple tablet computers from shelves as of Tuesday and kicked off a new round of heated online discussion... More
BEIJING, Feb. 14 (Xinhuanet) -- Forty years after the restoration of official communications between China and the United States... More
COPENHAGEN, Feb. 11 (Xinhua) -- There are great prospects for Sino-European research collaboration in the life sciences, as China now stands at almost the same starting line as developed countries,...More
·CTEX one-stop service and support system for national technical exchange   Issue 46, By Kevin Nie, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]
August 13th marks the second anniversary of the incorporation of China Technical Exchange (CTEX). Without flowers or celebrations, keeping a low profile and with a practical attitude, it lets the day pass pacifically, and goes on to travel light...More
·Who “Solves” Domain Name Disputes?   Issue 46, By Kevin Nie, Anne Zhang, China IP,[Internet & Domain]
The domain name dispute over the use of came to an end after four years of settlement negotiation. The significance of the case for IP industry is that it has gone through all the legal procedures to finality... More

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