the 121st Issue: International Patent Filings Set New Record in 2011: WIPO --- China Intellectual Property

the 121st Issue: International Patent Filings Set New Record in 2011: WIPO

China IP Weekly   Issue 121    March, 8th, 2012
Grants for invention patents hit 172,113 in China in 2011, up 27.4%, of which, 112,347 were given to domestic rights holders, increasing by 6.3% year on year and taking up 65.3% in the total... More
International patent filings have set a new record in 2011, reaching some 181,900 cases, up by 10.7 percent over the previous year, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) said on Monday... More
South Carolina apparel brand Fuel Clothing Co. Inc. filed a federal lawsuit against Nike Inc. this week claiming the company has violated its trademark of the word “fuel.”... More
· The New Unfair Competition Act of the State of Washington and Its Effects on the Manufacturing Industry of China    Issue 47, By Zhang Guangliang, Associate Professor of Law School of Renmin University of China,[Unfair Competition
An Act entitled, Sale of Products — Stolen or Misappropriated Information Technology, was enacted by the State of Washington (Washington) this year and became effective on July 22nd, 2011...More
·Will the America Invents Act Strengthen the U.S. Patent System?     Issue 47, By Patrick J. Coyne, Partner of Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, LLP,[Patent]
The America Invents Act (“Act”) is the most sweeping revision of U.S. patent law in 60 years and changes the patent system in several important ways. Overall, it will strengthen the patent system by making it easier to challenge weak patents and by simplifying enforcement proceedings through four basic changes... More

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