the 129th Issue:Luxury industry undermined by counterfeit goods --- China Intellectual Property

the 129th Issue:Luxury industry undermined by counterfeit goods

China IP Weekly   Issue 129    may, 3rd, 2012
Along Shanghai’s bustling shopping street of Nanjing Road, small but loud stores dot the thousand-meter-long stretch of road between the glass-and-steel Apple Inc store and sleek upscale malls... More
The national IPR protection selection of 2011 conducted by the State Intellectual Property Office, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce and the National Copyright Administration was released on April 27... More
China’s Ministry of Culture announced Thursday that it has opened investigations into 185 websites over suspicions of piracy and other illegal operations... More
· Shanghai’s Practice in Criminal Investigation of Trade Secret Cases    Issue 47, By Jody Lu, China IP,[Trade Secrets]
The fourth detachment of the economic investigation team of Shanghai Municipal Public Security Office is a detachment which is mainly responsible for combating IP crimes and crimes of disorderly market conduct...
· Determination of joint liability for trademark infringement in online trading     2012-4-27LuoYushu, Director of Investigation and Inspection Division of Shanghai Municipal Cultural Law Enforcement Corps,[Trademark]
Article 10 of Anti-Unfair Competition Law of the People’s Republic of China provides that trade secrets encompass two aspects, i.e., technical information and commercial information... More

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