the 131st Issue: Google unveils enhancement to search engine --- China Intellectual Property

the 131st Issue: Google unveils enhancement to search engine

China IP Weekly   Issue 131    may, 17rd, 2012
Google on Wednesday announced the addition of a new feature to its search engine, which the Internet search giant says can provide users with smarter answers rather than just links to their search queries... More
With its total number of patent applications projected to reach 20,000 by 2015, China National Petroleum Corp has announced a new intellectual property strategy... More
Apple is believed to have offered $16m to Chinese firm Proview to finally secure use of the iPad trademark in China, but the ailing company is reportedly holding out for a huge $400m settlement. Although Apple confirmed it had made an offer to Proview earlier this week... More
· The“Achilles’Heel” of the photovoltaic industry    Issue 48, By Doris Li, China IP,[Patent]
In China, when photovoltaic enterprises are frozen in an economic cold winter, we can see more information for the industry. The enterprises, which were originally textile producers, now cluster together and have entered the profitable photovoltaic industry...
· The problem of legal protection for sporting events programs in China     Issue 48, By Kevin Nie, China IP,[Copyright]
In modern society, sporting events have long exceeded the conceptual category of simply being games, and have become commercial activities with large amounts of capital investments and huge sums of financial return... More

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