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the 140th Issue: China steps up IPR protection via judicial construction

China IP Weekly   Issue 140    July, 26th, 2012
Steve Jobs won’t be heard in the New development was achieved last year on IPR protection via the nation’s efforts in enhancing its judicial regime and strengthening IPR enforcement, revealed by an annual report on China’s rule of law which was released on 17 July. More

The law firm who represented Proview Technology (Shenzhen) in a dispute with Apple over ownership of the iPad name is suing its client for not paying $2.4 million in attorney fees, reported Monday... More

We have every reason to feel proud of the economic crime investigation department of the Ministry of Public Security, which received an award from the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group on Tuesday for the outstanding contributions it has made in the battle to stop intellectual property rights violations... More
· The key to IP due diligence for cross-border transactions Issue 49, By Ma Yuanchao, Senior Partner at Shanghai Co-effort Law Firm,[Trademark]
The legal battle over the iPad trademark between Apple Inc. (Apple) and Proview Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (Proview (Shenzhen)) has been white-hot. If Apple loses its appeal at Guangdong Higher People’s Court, it might face an injunction in mainland China, as well as severe liabilities of civil damages and administrative penalties...
· Professionals’views on the iPad Case Issue 49,By Wendy Sun (Reporter Intern), China IP,[Trademark]
1.Whose bride should iPad be?

Cao Yang

Deputy Director of the Intellectual Property Research Center of Shanghai University of Political Science and Law

From the jurisprudence perspective, there exist two iPad trademarks. One of them was gained through registration while the other through practical use...


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