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the 147th Issue: Wen: Equal treatment, enhanced IPR

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Nation’s first IP legislation led the way in protection China’s largest e-commerce website, Taobao Marketplace, has signed a pact with the Motion Picture Association (MPA), an affiliate of the Motion Picture Association of America, to curb the sale of counterfeit and copyright-infringing products on the platform... More
Premier Wen Jiabao on Tuesday assured foreign companies they will be given equal treatment to their Chinese counterparts when entering the nation’s strategic emerging industries... More
China has become the largest Windows Phone device market, said Stephen Elop, chief executive officer of Nokia Corp, at a New York news briefing where Nokia launched its latest Lumia smartphones running on Windows 8 software.... More
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· Multinational corporations management of service inventions in China Issue 50, By Li Mi, Patent Agent Beijing Lusheng Law Firm,[Patent]
In modern society, the battle between innovation corporations has taken the high ground from the products and marketing to the new intellectual properties, the core competitive edge being the inventive creations of the corporate employees, namely, service inventions as provided under the Patent Law... More
· Patent marking in China and right to affix patent markings  Issue 50,By Sun Fangtao, Wang Xia, Yang Yingxiao and Li Xiaoli Examiners of Patent Examination Cooperation Center Beijing, Patent Offi,[Patent]
Article 15 of China’s Patent Law of 1984 provided that the patentee has the right to affix patent markings and the patent number on his patented products or the packaging thereof. The Patent Law as amended in 1992 and 2000 did not change this provision. The Patent Law as amended for the third time in 2008 changed the "patent marking and the patent number" to "patent marking" in order to align the legislative language with the "trademark marking" as set forth in Trademark Law.... More
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