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the 156th Issue: Biotechnology organization sees IP rights essential

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"A patent often brings far greater value than one could ever imagine," said Dr Terence L.T. Lau, chief operating officer and general manager of Hong Kong Biotechnology Organization (HKBIO), which innovates the patented biotech product - H5 series of avian flu... More
"Apple Inc has asked a federal court to add six more products to its patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung Electronics Co, including the Samsung Galaxy Note II, in the latest in move in an ongoing legal war between the two companies... More
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· Protecting your technology in China’s innovation economy ——the role of international arbitration Issue 51, By James Rogers, Scott Gordon and Matthew Townsend Fulbright & Jaworski’s Hong Kong and Beijing offices,[Comprehensive Reports]
China has a long and proud cultural history of innovation–-its people have given us gun powder, the compass, paper and printing, to name but a few Chinese inventions. However, in modern times, PRC companies have developed little of their own independent technology... More
· Analysis of State of Washington Law: analysis and checklist of IP liability in US States  Issue 51,By Kelly Frazier Senior English Editor for China IP, Visiting Professor of US Law at China University of Political Science an,[Comprehensive Reports]
I. China IP coverage Recently China IP was one of the first IP journals to cover a new IP trend in U.S. law. An article The New Unfair Competition Act of the State of Washington and Its Effects on the Manufacturing Industry of China by Zhang Guangliang, reported that Washington State (not Washington DC) amended its consumer protection law to permit the State Attorney General’s Office (AG) or a private party to block the sale of goods violating the state’s "stolen or misappropriated information technology" law... More
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