the 160th Issue: China Tops Global Invention Patent Filings --- China Intellectual Property

the 160th Issue: China Tops Global Invention Patent Filings

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More than 14,000 patent applications have been accepted by both sides since a cross-Straits intellectual property agreement took effect in 2010, Wang Meihua, director of Taiwan Intellectual Property Office, told China News Service...
Tian Lipu, Commissioner of the State Intellectual Property Office, said in a working conference convened on January 8th that in 2012 the Chinese IP system dealt with a total of 9,022 patent cases, two times more than the figure in 2011...
On December 11, WIPO released a World Intellectual Property Indicators 2012 in Geneva. The report shows that while the global economy continued to underperform, intellectual property (IP) filings worldwide kept growing strongly in 2011...
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· The Application of Article 26.4 of China’s Patent Law and Rule 20.2 of the Implementing Regulations of the Patent Law Issue 52, By Li Ningxin Examiner for Substantive Examinations at Patent Examination Cooperation Center of the Patent Office, SIPO, Beij,[Patent]
IThe third amendment of China’s Patent Law (Patent Law) sets a consolidation of provisions of Article 26.4 of the previous Patent Law, from which claims are involved, and of Rule 20.1 of the Implementing Regulations of the Patent Law (Regulations). The current Article 26.4 of the Patent Law is read as follows: ...
· Tips of intellectual property protection in China Issue 52, By Helen Cheng and Benjamin Bai Counsel and partner in the Shanghai office of Allen & Overy LLP,[Trade Secrets]
The U.S.-China Business Council recently released its China Business Environment Survey. Of those U.S. companies surveyed, 95% indicated they are either somewhat or very concerned about IPR enforcement in China. Despite that concern, over half indicated that they had seen some improvements in IPR protection in the past year.... More
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