the 164th Issue:SIPO released data on China’s invention patent grants in 2012 --- China Intellectual Property

the 164th Issue:SIPO released data on China’s invention patent grants in 2012

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  Last year, China’s invention patent grants reached 217,105, an increase of 26.1% on a year-on-year basis, in which grants on domestic invention patent amounted to 143,847, up 28% and accounting for 66.3% of the total invention patent grants in 2012... More
At the beginning of 2013, two Chinese enterprises Huawei Technologies Co Ltd (Huawei) and ZTE Corp (ZTE), which once topped the list of international patent applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), encountered troubles in the US... More
Profitability and sales are harder to come by in China as US firms face increasing competition from domestic and foreign players, said a US business group survey on Thursday... More
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· The Impasse for the Ferrero trademarks Issue 52, By Doris Li, China IP,[Trademark]
Apple is clearly worthy of its title as the world’s leading trend-setting company, and its iPad trademark dispute has bought turmoil to China’s intellectual property field. In the annual selection of China’s Top IP Events in 2012, the iPad trademark case would share equal light with the Wong Lo Kat trademark case... More
· The Impasse for the Ferrero trademarks Issue 52, By Angel Liang, China IP,[Trademark]
Facing passing-off and packaging copycat, the sweet chocolate of Ferrero Rocher (Ferrero) has had a bitter taste on the bumpy road to getting trademark applications through in China. This August witnessed another Waterloo for Ferrero: the Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court rejected Ferrero’s use of its long standing figurative trademarks for the “Kinder Bueno” series of products on the grounds that the trademark applications lacked distinctiveness and were incapable of acquiring the same even through use... More
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