the 165th Issue:China's European patent filings on the rise: report --- China Intellectual Property

the 165th Issue:China's European patent filings on the rise: report

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  Chinese companies are the main driving force behind the increasing number of patent filings in the European Patent Office, the People’s Daily reported on Thursday.... More
The joint Chinese-Israeli brand Qoros Auto prevailed in a lawsuit last week in Switzerland filed by Audi, which claimed the new car’s name violates its right to use the letter Q on vehicles... More
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· Economic analysis of the right to secondary remunerationIssue 52, By Shi Bisheng Judge with the IP Division of the Beijing Higher People’s Court, S.J.D.,[Copyright]
Recently, the right to secondary remuneration has been one of the hot topics under discussion for revision in Chinese Copyright Law. In the second draft revision of the Copyright Law (second draft revision), Article 17, Paragraph 3 states that “...The original author, screenwriter, director, lyricist and composer shall have the right to receive a reasonable payment from any other person who uses such audiovisual work.”... More
· Factors to be considered in registering trademarks for publications Issue 52, By Zhou Bo, Judge of the IP Division of the Beijing Higher People’s Court,[Trademark]
I. Background
The trademark of “新財富 NEW FORTUNE” was filed under No. 2011598 for registration with the Trademark Office on October 10th, 2001 by Guangdong Xincaifu Co. Ltd. (which changed its name to Shenzhen Xincaifu Co. Ltd. on March 30th, 2006, or New Fortune, for short), in Class 16 for “Newspapers, Periodicals, Magazines [periodicals], Newsletters,” (the opposed mark, of “NEW FORTUNE” with a Chinese equivalent), and was preliminarily approved for publication on October 16th, 2001....
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