the 168th Issue:Drug maker Novartis loses India patent battle --- China Intellectual Property

the 168th Issue:Drug maker Novartis loses India patent battle

China IP Weekly   Issue 168

   April 12th, 2013

   India’s Supreme Court on Monday rejected drug maker Novartis AG’s attempt to patent an updated version of a cancer drug in a landmark decision that health activists say ensures poor patients around the world will get continued access to cheap versions of lifesaving medicines... More
A Chinese company met Apple Inc in court on Wednesday, accusing the US-based tech giant of intellectual property right infringement regarding software used in its popular Siri software... More
In September 2012, talks on the free trade agreement between Canada and EU drew near a conclusion. It has been reported that during the final negotiations the issue of drug related IP became the focal point. The key issue was whether or not Canada would agree to abide by the EU standards and extend the term of data exclusivity from eight years to ten years..... More
· Should there be a Crack Down on Genuine Product Importation?Issue 53, By Jessie Chen, China IP,[Trademark]
Last year, some international brands launched rigorous operations to crack down on counterfeits sold both in store and on electronic commerce sites. However, the operations also targeted genuine products sourced from other purchase channels.... More
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