the 169th Issue:China further extends the scale of IPR pledge financing --- China Intellectual Property

the 169th Issue:China further extends the scale of IPR pledge financing

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   In 2012, China’s IPR pledge financing scale is further extended, and the yearly financing of patent, trademark and copyright reached 14.1 billion, 21.46 billion and 2.751 billion yuan, according to the Office of the Inter-Ministerial Joint Meeting for the implementation of the National Intellectual Property Strategy... More
Three recently published science fiction novels by Chinese writer Zheng Jun have stirred up controversy with their claim to be a "sequel to Star Wars" on the book covers... More
More grassroots courts will be allowed to hear patent lawsuits starting on Monday in the latest measure to tackle the rising number of intellectual property disputes in China... More
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· A different type of licensing companyIssue 53, By Monica Zhang and Joyce Zhang, China IP magazine,[Patent]
The journalist heard the name “Sisvel” for the first time during a conversation with a friend. “Sisvel is a European company dedicated to managing IP assets,” she said. “If you want to export MP3 or DVD products to Europe, you must get a Sisvel license first.” Intrigued, the journalist began to pay attention to the company... More
· Angry Birds takes off in ChinaIssue 53, By Monica Zhang, Jane Jiang, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]
Only months after its debut in 2009, the puzzle casual game Angry Birds had swept the world and become the No. 1 paid app. Numerous Chinese players were captured by the lovely birds. Three years have passed and the number of its fans in China keeps increasing... More
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