the 173rd Issue: 'Zero IP complaints'at first technology trade fair in Shanghai --- China Intellectual Property

the 173rd Issue: 'Zero IP complaints'at first technology trade fair in Shanghai

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   Shanghai’s first technology-oriented trade fair employed diverse measures and services to protect the intellectual property rights of participants, said local officials.... More
   The State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) built a mechanism to publish patent statistics concerning strategic emerging industries after three years’ effort. According to industry insiders, the patent statistics publishing mechanism, as a key part of the statistical monitoring system governing strategic emerging industries... More
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· Who Are They? Issue 54, By Kevin Nie, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]
   People usually have a clear notion of the occupation of a technician, accountant, administrative staff etc., but the profession of IP manager may be beyond the scope of the average person... More
· They Are IP Managers Issue 54, By Kevin Nie, Doris Li, Joyce Zhang, Anne Zhang, Jody Lu,Jessie Chen, Monica Zhang, Dreamlee, Emily Tan, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]
   There is a special group of people within enterprises: they are young in age but mature at heart during work; they have preferable educational and occupational backgrounds but have an ordinary income and position within the office.... More
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