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the 174th Issue: 2012 Top IP News in China

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   The U.S. Trade Representative’s (USTR) office on Wednesday designated Ukraine a "Priority Foreign Country" that failed to protect U.S. intellectual property rights (IPR), signaling that it may consider trade sanctions against Ukraine... More
   The number of patent applications in China has increased sharply as the country boosts research spending, but they are still of relatively low quality, a senior patenting official said on Thursday... More
   China has made progress in intellectual property rights (IPR) legislation and law enforcement, according to the country’s Ministry of Commerce on Thursday... More
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· Legal support in corporate brand design Issue 53, By He Dufeng, IP Manager of ZTE[Trademark]
    Brand is a commitment by product or service which is closely linked with consumers, and exists in people’s minds. If the mind is compared to a computer desktop, when we have enough understandings of a brand, we will create a file folder for this brand and put it on the desktop... More
· 2012 Top IP News in China Issue 53, By China IP Magazine,[Comprehensive Reports]
    The Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China was adopted in September 1990 and came into effect as of June 1st, 1991. After its second amendment in October 2001, China decided to make a partial amendment in February 2010 in order to further improve China’s copyright law system and to meet the practical needs for the implementation of the WTO’s award on China-US intellectual property dispute... More
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