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the 177th Issue: New growth model, new investment

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   RAt long last, the MTR Corp (MTRC) and government have announced the amended upward and downward fare adjustment mechanism (FAM), which will take effect this month. Although the new mechanism has provided for rebate of profits and a ceiling on fare increases based on the fluctuation of the median of household incomes,... More
  During the past three decades, China’s growth was predicated on investment and net exports. In the future, it will be driven increasingly by consumption. How will the transition affect foreign companies in China? Where are their new opportunities and what are their challenges?... More
  MChina stands fourth globally for patents
Guangdong province, Shanghai and Beijing were the most developed regions in China in terms of intellectual property last year, according to a report released on Wednesday...
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  The remuneration right is not as exclusive as the reproduction right or the publishing right is. It is a claim right that the copyright owner has on the basis of an agreement or a legislation. In the statutory licensing situation, a legal creditor-debtor relationship is formed between the copyright owner and the statutory licensed user... More
· “IP Is an Important Commercial Asset to Philips” Issue 54, By Kevin Nie, China IP,[Patent]
   Koninklijke Philips Electronics (Philips) is a giant international company whose products and services can be found in over 100 countries around the world. It enjoys a 121 year history and has been doing business in China for nearly 90 years. It has become a well-known international brand in China... More
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