the 181st Issue: China is ’on the way’ in Innovation, Report Says --- China Intellectual Property

the 181st Issue: China is ’on the way’ in Innovation, Report Says

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    China’s increasing research and development spending is strengthening its ability to compete with the United States in the global marketplace, says the director general of the World Intellectual Property Organization, or WIPO, a United Nations agency... More
   CHANGCHUN, July 1 (Xinhua) -- The Hongqi H7, a new luxury car model made by China FAW Group, is catching the eye as the company continues its attempts to rejuvenate the brand... More
   Owners of products recognized as well-known Chinese trademarks can no longer use the legal designation on their product packages or advertisement, according to the second draft version of an amendment to the trademark law submitted to China’s top legislative body on June 26... More
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· The Relevance for Chinese Enterprises of the New “European Patent Package” Issue 55, By Emily Tan, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]
  On February 19th 2013, 24 European Union (EU) states reached an agreement on a Uniform Patent Court (UPC), which is considered as a big step forward towards the final goal of reaching a European patent package which the parties have been negotiating over the past 50 years... More
   I. Foreword
  Article 9(1) of the third Revision of Patent Law provides, “For the same subject matter of an invention, only a single patent may be issued; notwithstanding, an invention patent may be issued where the same applicant has filed applications on the same day both for utility model patent and invention patent,...
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