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the 183rd Issue: GSK finance head not allowed to leave

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Global competition, protectionism contribute to increase in lawsuits
LONDON - Beijing is preventing GlaxoSmithKline’s head of finance for China from leaving the country, as police accuse the British drugmaker of bribing officials and doctors, a spokesman for the drugmaker said on Wednesday...
China, according to many experts who monitor its economy, has made big progress in recent years to protect the rights of patent-holders and other innovators. Enacting strong intellectual-property laws doesn’t necessarily mean they’re strictly enforced, however... More
Chinese generic drug makers are now preparing for a possible big payday when the patent on Pfizer’s blockbuster drug Viagra expires in China next July... More
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· Judicial Determination and Assumption of Liabilities for Trademark Infringement in Domain Name Disputes Issue 55, By Qi Jimin, Presiding Judge, Civil Law Court Division No. 3, The People’s Court of Huangpu District, Shanghai,[Trademark]
 [Case Overview]
From July 1987 to November 2004, the plaintiff (and appellee) SWAROVSKI AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT (SWAROVSKI) successively acquired the registered trademarks of “SWAROVSKI,” “施华洛世奇”, “ ” and “ .” These SWAROVSKI trademarks, which are still valid, are approved to be used on goods in Class 14 of the International Classification of Goods...
· Navigating the Trade Mark Landscape in Africa Issue 55, By Jacky He, Candidate Attorney at Spoor & Fisher South Africa,[Trademark]
Africa is the second-largest continent in the world, both in area and population. If one includes the surrounding islands there are almost 60 territories with a population of more than one billion people. Over the last decade Africa’s overall economic growth rate has approached that of Asia... More
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