the 185th Issue: China’s first intellectual property service alliance established in Zhongguancun --- China Intellectual Property

the 185th Issue: China’s first intellectual property service alliance established in Zhongguancun

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With the rapid growth of knowledge-based economy and quickened development of world economic integration, the amount of transnational IP application and dispute have both increased, which means the demand for corresponding IP services has soared dramatically... More
A launching ceremony for China’s first intellectual property service alliance was held in Beijing’s Zhongguancun Science Park on July 30, and a total of 53 intellectual property service companies became members... More
Eolas Technologies may not be familiar to the Hong Kong public. Its name emerged when it filed a suit in the United States against big Internet companies such as Google and sought damages for more than $600 million... More
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· Counterfeit fighting strategy and experiences of multinational enterprise Issue 55, By Frank Liu, IP Manager of Emerson China Publication,[Comprehensive Reports]
 China is playing a more and more important role in the world economic chain, and the huge market and relative lower cost attract multinational enterprises to expand their investment in China... More
· Recent changes in international IP protection: Europe, the United States and Australia/New Zealand in comparative perspective Issue 55, By Dan Gurfinkel, Dr. Christian Köster, John Walker,[Comprehensive Reports]
In the global economy, inventors need to be able to protect their IP rights worldwide. In the absence of a “global” patent or trademark, when a company makes an invention involving complex technology and a brand creation process, it needs to protect it in multiple jurisdictions... More
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