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the 186th Issue: Court hands down milestone ruling on trade secrets

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In what is being called a landmark ruling for intellectual property nationwide, a Shanghai court recently issued the country’s first ban on the circulation of trade secrets, according to the report from Legal Daily... More
China will lower administrative fees charged by 14 government departments, effective from October 1 this year, the country’s top economic planner announced on Tuesday... More
National prosecutors have charged 3,805 suspects with infringements of intellectual property rights in 2,253 cases between January to June, according to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate last week... More
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· IP creations Issue 55, By China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]
US students create electricity-generating shoes
Four US students have developed shoes that extract energy with every step to power portable electronics and, perhaps someday, life-preserving medical devices. The “PediPower” shoes they designed can deliver 400 milliwatts of energy through wires that connect the shoes to a belt-mounted battery pack....
· News in brief Issue 55, By China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]
Lawsuits involving overseas parties surge in Shanghai
The number of intellectual property rights lawsuits that involve an overseas party saw a major spike in Shanghai last year amid an even higher increase in the overall number of IP-related cases...
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