the 187th Issue: Chinese Electric Car Company Wants To Trademark "Snowden" Name For Top-Secret Technology --- China Intellectual Property

the 187th Issue: Chinese Electric Car Company Wants To Trademark "Snowden" Name For Top-Secret Technology

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Edward Snowden’s name has been plastered across all kinds of media lately and has been the center of discussion for several weeks now. Now, a Beijing-based electric car company is hoping to capitalize off the media buzz surrounding the former U.S. intelligence contractor-turned-political-asylee by applying for a trademark on the name "Snowden."... More
The US International Trade Commission (ITC) on Monday initiated a patent investigation into a Chinese medical device company and its two US entities... More
In Hong Kong, more than 24,000 men and women are diagnosed with cancer each year. One can imagine how this kind of news plunges thousands of individuals and families into a state of turmoil. It will not be an exaggeration to say that their world is turned upside down... More
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· IP mysteries in reverse engineering Issue 56, By Anne Zhang, China IP,[Unfair Competition]
After dismantling a product, research can be undertaken on the technical features of the disassembly, mapping and analysis. With reference to product features, basic principles and processing steps described in the product manual as well as relevant parameters, design elements such as processing flow... More
· The sunset of Adivon Issue 56, By Doris Li, China IP,[Trademark]
The 5-year trademark dispute between sportswear giant Adidas and local brand Adivon has finally come to an end with a settlement in May 2013. Adivon, the arguable copycat of Adidas, is to transfer its triangle logo and Chinese trademark with “阿迪王”(Adivon in Chinese) to Adidas for free... More
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