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the 189th Issue: New trademark law to curb infringements

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China’s legislature on Friday passed a new trademark law to crack down on infringements and ensure a fair market for trademark holders... More
In light of increasing attempts to trademark the South African product rooibos, rooibos tea industry stakeholders are considering a call for an audit of the product’s trademarks registered in the world, in order to inform the best strategy to protect it as a unique South African product... More
Popular electric carmaker Tesla Motors Inc’s plans to enter the world’s biggest auto market have stalled after a businessman in China claimed trademark rights to the name, people close to the California-based company have told Reuters... More
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· Model IP Cases of China from 2012 (2) Issue 55, By Kevin Nie, China IP,[Patent]
5. Patent infringement case: Ningbo Yuexiang Equipment Machine Co., Ltd. v. Shanghai Changyi Machinery Manufacture Co. Ltd.
1st Inst. Case No.: (2011) HuErZhongMinWu(Zhi) ChuZi No. 106 Civil Judgment, the Shanghai No. 2 Intermediate People’s Court
2nd Inst. Case No.: (2012) HuGaoMinSan(Zhi) ZhongZi No. 10 Civil Judgment, the Shanghai Higher People’s Court...
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