the 193rd Issue: 3D printers: The next intellectual property game changer --- China Intellectual Property

the 193rd Issue: 3D printers: The next intellectual property game changer

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If a trendy young woman in China wants to get one of Chanel’s classic black leather bags, she no longer needs to visit a department store, browse an online shopping site, or ask a friend to buy her one from overseas... More
The quality of printing is improving with new printers able to print items made of plastic, metal, and even compounded chemicals. Design software makes it simple to create an item and then print it. Scanners allow someone without design skills to capture the contours of an object and print it... More
Chinese telecom equipment suppliers ZTE Corp. and Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. have scored a victory in the Section 337 investigation, which claimed they infringed patent rights in the United States... More
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· The plight of merchandising rights in China Issue 56, By Kevin Nie, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]
As a new kind of right emerging with the development of modern economy, the issue of merchandising rights is increasingly common in legal cases and a hot issue. In China, merchandising rights are more of a topic in the academia. While in developed countries like US and Japan, merchandising rights can bring over billions of profits for the right holders... More
With the development of the society and economy, the types of goods are also increasing. In order to maximize their interests, trademark proprietors have become so bold as to go beyond the scope of the statutorily designated range of protection by using their trademarks on “identical or similar goods or services.”... More
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