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the 194th Issue: 8 key revisions to Chinese Trademark Law: promising steps toward IP protection

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The Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO, Commissioner Young-min Kim) announced that it would start a project in collaboration with the recently opened Creative Economy Town to help clarify and develop the creative ideas submitted by members of the public into new business start-ups and commercial products... More
French winemaker Castel, which was on the receiving end of a $5 million fine for trademark infringement in China, has had its request for a hearing at the country’s Supreme Court accepted... More
China’s significantly revised trademark laws streamline the application process, provide greater protection for well-known marks, and impose harsher penalties on infringers... More
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The Patent Office of China has received in recent years a large number of applications for invention patent relating to telecommunications billing system due to the rapid development of the Internet and mobile communication technology... More
· Report on publication of professional IP articles in China of 2012 (1) Issue 56, By Shanghai Intellectual Property Academy and the Research Team of China IP Magazine,[Comprehensive Reports]
In recent years, the academic research and communication of intellectual property in China are becoming increasingly active, and quantity & quality of IP studies have been upgraded significantly. In order to have a comprehensive understanding of IP studies and researches in China... More
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