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the 195th Issue: Innovation key to new economic growth, Xi says

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President Xi Jinping said the country must quickly transform its economy using an innovation-driven strategy to achieve growth targets... More
Chen Xinshu never expected a small workshop that started with only 17 people eight years ago would have developed into a leading manufacturer of high-tech medical instruments... More
Some 2,700 candidates sat the national exam to become a patent agent in Shanghai yesterday — up more than 10 percent on last year, according to officials... More
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· Disputes caused by script work publication Issue 56, By Jessie Chen, China IP,[Copyright]
Having the same name, the novel and the script work So Young were published on May 1st simultaneously. It seems that the dispute was inevitable... More
· Report on publication of professional IP articles in China of 2012 (2) Issue 56, By Shanghai Intellectual Property Academy and the Research Team of China IP Magazine,[Comprehensive Reports]
Table 2: Top 50 scientific research institutions with the most IP articles publication... More
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