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the 220th Issue: China tightens rules on sentence remissions

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New rules, which will take effect on Sunday, have tightened and standardized procedures for commuting sentences and parole... More
A trademark dispute lasting five years has finally "been settled." Recently, Chongqing Cygnet has regained its own high-end brand ---"Hong Ding."... More
The case of the listed company Pien Tze Huang suing Shanghai Pharmaceutical subsidiary Xiamen TCM for trademark infringement has... More
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"Life is l ike a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re gonna get." I didn’t expect to have the honor to interview Mr. Tian Lipu, and I didn’t anticipate that he retired only a month later after the interview... More
· IP Protection for Magic Art: Reality and Possibility Issue 59,By Yang Jin, Li Ning,[Comprehensive Reports]

The issue of IP protection of magical works has become a hot spot of social focal point much because of the inclusion of the copyright case of Tarantula Magic ... More
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