the 221st Issue: China Changes PAQE Registration Method --- China Intellectual Property

the 221st Issue: China Changes PAQE Registration Method

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The 2014 National Patent Agent Qualification Examination of China (PAQE) has been opened for registration since May 27th... More
IP Court will be another new special court after Military Court, Maritime Court and Court for Rail Transportation soon...
A group of author associations from the US, UK and Australia has lost a copyright infringement case against a digitsation scheme led by the University of Michigan... More
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Randall R. Rader, Chief Judge of United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, is an old friend for Chinese IP community... More
· Preliminary Injunctions in Copyright Cases-Auction of Qian Zhongshu Letters as an Example Issue 59,By Zhou Xiaobing, Judge, Beijing Second Intermediate People’s Court,[Copyright]

The Applicant Yang argued: Qian Zhongshu (deceased) and she were husband and wife and had a daughter Qian Yuan (deceased)... More
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