the 232nd Issue: ZTC Won Four Straight Cases against “337 Investigation” --- China Intellectual Property

the 232nd Issue: ZTC Won Four Straight Cases against “337 Investigation”

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On August 15th 2014, United States International Trade Commission (ITC) conducted the final verdict on patent infringement case of InterDigital (IDC) suing Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment Corporation (ZTC), believing that ZTC did neither violate the "Section 337" nor infringe the patent right of IDC... More
The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) said in a report that the growth of Chinese patent filings abroad has increased significantly since 2000... More
On August 20th, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) imposed a penalty of 1.2345 billion yuan on the monopoly behavior of twelve famous Japanese automobile enterprises including the Sumimoto Company... More
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· Pioneering "corporate university" style market-oriented training institutions Issue 61, By Doris Li, China IP, [Comprehensive Reports]

Kangxin-Zone IP Consulting Ltd. (Kangxin-Zone) hosted the "Kangxin-Zone China IP Seminar" from May 4th to 8th 2014 in Beijing.Overseas IP practitioners from several different countries took part in the seminar, which was centered on IP matters in China... More

· New President, New Strategy, New Look -- Interview with Mei-lan Stark, President of INTA Issue 61, By Emily Tan, China IP, [Comprehensive Reports]

May 10th to 14th 2014 witnessed the great success of INTA’s 136th Annual Meeting in Hong Kong. The Annual Meeting made its mark as the largest and most dynamic trademark event in the world, it is always on the top of the list of not-to-miss events for trademark practitioners... More
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