the 241st Issue: ZTE Appealed against InterDigital for Patent Infringement --- China Intellectual Property

the 241st Issue: ZTE Appealed against InterDigital for Patent Infringement

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On October 28th, the US District Court for the District of Delaware heard the patent case on US Patent No. 7190966、7286847 、8380244、7941151 between ZTE (a Chinese phone maker) and InterDigital (a wireless technology company in the U.S.)... More
Winnie the Pooh, a classic cartoon image introduced by The Walt Disney Company (Disney Company), is well-known for its innocent and adorable image... More
The trademark disputes of Michael Jeffrey Jordan (former athletes of National Basketball Association) v. Qiaodan Sport Co. Ltd. come at a crucial juncture... More
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·First national brand IP service agency evaluation activity successfully completed Issue 62, By Kevin Nie, China IP, [Comprehensive Reports]
On June 12th 2014, the First National Brand IP Service Agency Evaluation Conference was held in Beijing, at which a 12- member committee of experts made evaluations of 37 developing enterprises and 10 developing public institutions, and recommended the first batch of designated "National Brand IP Service Agencies"... More

·Determination of inventiveness of functional technical solution Issue 62, By Shi Bisheng, Judge of IP Division, Beijing Higher People’s Court, Columnist of China IP, [Patent]

A "functional technical solution" means all or some limitations of a patent claim are to perform a specific function, which may be defined in functional terms or either product or process claims... More
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