the 243rd Issue: The First Chinese Film and Television Copyright Auction Opened --- China Intellectual Property

the 243rd Issue: The First Chinese Film and Television Copyright Auction Opened

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On November 15th, the first Chinese Film and Television Copyright Auction was successfully launched in Beijing. The auction applied an updated Online to Offline (O2O) pattern and established the first opened service platform for copyrights in China... More
Recently, Lanzhou Song and Dance Troupe in China made an official announcement, stating that the Boston-based Angel Dance Company has been playing its original dance drama Dunhuang, My Dream Land in the U.S. without authorization and have been making illegal profits for the last five years... More
The long-standing trademark dispute between Le Coq Sportif and Mo Ri KeShoes &Clothes company (Mo Ri Ke) had come to an end recently... More
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·Final victory in retrial of "Quanyou" trademark after twists and turns Issue 62, By Kevin Nie, China IP, [Comprehensive Reports]
Recently the Supreme People’s Court delivered a ruling to revoke the first and secondinstance judgments, and the decision delivered by the Trademark Review and Adjudication Board of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of China (TRAB) in respect to the administrative dispute over the trademark opposition review between
Quanyou Furniture Co., Ltd. (Quanyou Furniture) and the TRAB as well as Chengdu Quanyou Electric Co., Ltd. (Quanyou Electric)...

·A brief analysis of patent-ineligibility in the field of dentistry Issue 62, By Shao Jianxia, Examiner at Medical Division, Light and Electric Technology Examination Department of Patent Office of SIPO, [Patent]

In recent years due to the increasing attention to the health and cosmetic dental and oral cavity along with social development and improvement of living standards, all kinds of new equipment and methods have emerged one after another in the field of dentistry, and correspondingly, patent applications increased annually in this field from 827 in 2010, to 968 in 2011 and to 1,109 in 2012, which can be divided mainly into four categories... More
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