the 247th Issue: The Fifth China IP Annual Forum --- China Intellectual Property

the 247th Issue: The Fifth China IP Annual Forum

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The 5th China IP Annual Forum & 2015 Annual Conference of In-house IP Managers in China,co-launched by China IP Magazine China Daily IPR Channel, will be held on January 9th and 10th 2015 in Beijing.With the theme of "New Environment, New Trend, New Strategy", the Forum will be a splendid event in the IP industry... More
the 4th China IP Annual Forum & 2014 Annual Conference of In-house IP Managers in China was co-launched by China Daily and China IP Magazine in Beijing Minzu Hotel on January 10th to 11th 2014, and it was really a completed success themed with "New Reform, New Challenge, New Opportunity" ... More
Chinese electronics company Xiaomi has been temporarily barred from selling goods in India’s smart phone market following a patent dispute with telecoms business Ericsson... More
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·The perplexed Employment Invention Regulation Issue 63, By Jody Lu, Jessie Chen, Iris Hu, China IP, [Comprehensive Reports]
Employment Invention Regulation (Regulation), accompanied by disputes, has finally been submitted to the State Council for consideration and been included within the legislation plan... More

·Conflict between right of divulgation and other rights: conceptual origins and judicial practices Issue 63, By Yin Yuanyuan, Legal Affairs and Audit Department of 2nd Summer Youth Olympic Games Organizing Committee, [Copyright]

The right of divulgation, also known as droit de divulgation, is a moral right in copyright, which originated from droit d’auteur, or the author’s right, in the copyright system both in theory and practice. It is universally acknowledged that the right of divulgation means the author’s right to decide whether or how to make a work available to the public... More
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