the 250th Issue: INTA | Seminar on “Building Brands Abroad in the 21st Century” Successfully held in Beijing --- China Intellectual Property

the 250th Issue: INTA | Seminar on “Building Brands Abroad in the 21st Century” Successfully held in Beijing

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On January 22nd, International Trademark Association (INTA) held a seminar themed with “Building Brands Abroad in the 21st Century” in Beijing. Mr. Etienne Sanz de Acedo... More
On January 15th 2015, the national meeting of heads of IPR administrations was successfully held in Beijing, with 170 participators including officials from the central government and the State Council, members of the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO), heads of... More
On January 19th, Beijing Second Intermediate People’s Courtdelivered the first verdict of Sogou, Inc. (a subsidiary of China’s Internet giant Sohu) suing the well-known ChineseInternet security companyQihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd(Qihoo 360) for unfair competition. According to... More
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·Interpretation of core issues of Employment Invention Regulation Issue 63, By SIPO, [Comprehensive Reports]
ZTE Corporation (ZTE) began to file patent applications in 1996 and has obtained 52,000 domestic and international patent assets reserves to date, 16,000 of which have actually been patented. In this regard, ZTE has... More

·New Nokia — a “Wolf” from Europe Issue 63, By Doris Li, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]

Nokia’s go-it-alone strategy is proved to be a flop. It abandoned Symbian and Meego, rejected Android, allied with Microsoft, betted on Windows Phone and resulted in plunge of its share prices, massive layoffs, management overhaul, sale of its headquarter office building and closure of its factories. It has been... More
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