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the 252nd Issue: WeChat Disciplinary System for IPR Infringement

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Recently, the WeChat, the largest standalone messaging app developed by Tencent in China, announced its disciplinary system due to a series of IPR infringement such as plagiarism on its public platforms. According to... More
Recently, the Bloomberg Innovation Quotient, a ranking of the world’s most innovative countries published every year, released its latest results for 2014. Based on... More
Previously, Baidu, Inc. (one of the most famous Chinese web services company) brought a lawsuit before the court suing that Sogou, Inc. (a subsidiary of China’s Internet giant Sohu) conducted... More
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·Reflections on several basic issues of Employment Invention Regulation Issue 63, By Zhang Yonghua, Department of Treaty and Legal Affairs of SIPO,[Comprehensive Reports]
Technological innovation is inseparable from two basic elements: one is the creative work of researchers and the other is capital investment. With regard to... More

·Patent validity evaluation in perspective of technical contribution Issue 63, By Shi Bisheng, Judge of IP Tribunal of Beijing Higher People’s Court, Columnist of China IP,[Patent]

The exchange theory of quid pro quo of patent rights in exchange for technical contribution expounds the basic principle that the patent is granted only for technical contributions... More
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