the 254th Issue: China to nurture world-class timepiece brands --- China Intellectual Property

the 254th Issue: China to nurture world-class timepiece brands

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China aims to nurture five globally famed horologe brands through innovation in the next six years, it was announced on February 25th. China will... More
The sum spent on research and development (R&D) in China rose 12.4 percent year on year in 2014, an encouraging trend as the country has vowed to seek innovation-led growth, an official report indicated on Thursday. The Economic... More
Chinese lawmakers on Friday asked for greater incentives for inventors in academia to commercially exploit their work. The draft revision to the Law on Promoting the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements is... More
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·Global landscape of IP law changing-China Issue 64, By Emily Tan, China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]
The development of the intellectual property legal system started rather late in China compared with some of the developed countries. However, after the implementation of reform and opening-up policy, in order to integrate with the global economy and meet the needs of its own market economy development, China has... More

·Global landscape of IP law changing-UK Issue 64, By John Alty, Chief Executive Officer and Comptroller General of the UK Intellectual Property Office,[Comprehensive Reports]

In 2014 the UK has seen a number of significant changes to its IP landscape. Back in 2010, the UK Prime Minister David Cameron commissioned a review of IP and Growth. He asked... More
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