the 257th Issue: China to nurture world-class timepiece brands --- China Intellectual Property

the 257th Issue: China to nurture world-class timepiece brands

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China aims to nurture five globally famed horologe brands through innovation in the next six years, it was announced Wednesday. China will further boost... More
The Supreme People’s Court set up a judicial protection research center for intellectual property rights on March 18. Zhou Qiang, president of the court, said that the center needed to... More
The first patent examination cooperation center in western China started operation on March 20 in Chengdu. The center, the sixth of its kind outside Beijing, examines... More
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·Global landscape of IP law changing - Japan Issue 64, By Liu Ying, Ph.D. Candidate of Hokkaido University, Special Correspondent of China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]
In 2002, Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi announced the policy of creating “a nation built on the platform of scientific and technological creativity,” specifically, by strategically protecting and utiliting the results of research and innovative activities to enhance Japan’s industrial competitiveness. In... More

·Determination of copyright ownership in digital photographic works Issue 64, By Deng Mengtian, Judge of the Intellectual Property Tribunal of Ningbo Intermediate People’s Court, Zhejiang Province,[Copyright]

I. Fact

Plaintiff Jin Renxi is a photographer, who claimed copyright to a photo “Recliner Advertising Posture,” for which he submitted in evidence one CD containing the photo and a printed copy of the photo. The CD showed the digital photo was created... More

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