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the 258th Issue: China Celebrates 30th Anniversary of Patent Law

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On April 1st, 2015, China’s Patent Law welcomes its 30th year since enforcement. During the 30 years, China’s patent system has seen remarkable success. The capability of patent creation has been upgrading... More
According to the fourth plenary ministerial meeting on promoting the software legalization, in 2014, China made new progress in software legalization and software industry... More
"As the representative of China’s coffee brand, Hogood coffee attended the exhibition in Palace of Nations in Geneva and changed the UN officers’ impression of ’no coffee in China’, and China’s coffee got recognition from them." Xiong Xiangru, the president of Yunnan Dehong Hogood Coffee, Co. Ltd.( heresfter as Hogood Coffee) told the reporter... More
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·Determining patent inventiveness from the perspective of technical contribution Issue 64,By Shi Bisheng, Judge of IP Tribunal of Beijing High People’s Court, Columnist of China IP, [Patent]
Inventiveness is undoubtedly the focal point of dispute in patentability adjudication. No "single standard" may be adopted in determining patent inventiveness... More

·Patent issues in generic drug development Issue 64, By Peng Weijuan, Technology Center of Jiangsu Nhwa Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., [Patent]

Due to the unique characteristics of drug development, usually only one active compound would be selected from tens of thousands of candidates for use for medicinal purposes... More
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