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the 259th Issue: China's lead in Industry 4. 0

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BERLIN - The first paper of a research project revealed on Monday that China has now far outstripped the United States and Germany when it comes to patents for basic technologies of Industry 4.0. According to... More
Chinese second largest maker of network gear Huawei Technologies is about to beef up its patent porforlio ahead of 5G, says its Chief Executive Ken Hu during a keynote speech at... More
1. Weekly Overview of Chinese Patent Application Publishment and Announcement and Granted Inventions:... More
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·Global landscape of IP law changing - US Issue 64, By Liu Ying, Ph.D. Candidate of Hokkaido University, Special Correspondent of China IP,[Comprehensive Reports]
On September 16th 2011, President Obama signed the America Invents Act (AIA) into law. The AIA created the most extensive changes to U.S. patent law in decades. The AIA... More

·Discussion on the improvement of China’s system for partial design patents Issue 64, By Yan Ruohan, Examiner at the Design Examination Department of Patent Office of SIPO,[Patent]

With the development of China’s market economy, and improvement of industrial design qualities, competition of identical products from different enterprises has become ever more intense. For corporate... More
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